СТРЕЧ has knowingly been designed for providing you
with limitless , unique transformation for all seasons regardless any conditions or activities in the course of year.
Models are easily tuned in your style choices.
They were made with the view
of creating a comfortable , functional & accessible basic piece of clothes giving a limitless conceptual decisions
combining them with other pieces ( oversized shirts/ T-shirts, suit coats, mini - skirts , high-heeled shoes, boots) …

Regarding the needs of women and focusing on its use the model is divided into two categories / BASIC & WiNTER

thus they complement each other, a SEASON IN SEASON OUT .

it is featured by simplicity and clean cut line with a pallete of neural colors/ focusing on a few basic elements:

- smooth texture of fabric + high aesthetic
- easy to fit in & maintain
- practical and functional on all occasions
- it feels comfortable - second skin feel

Two principles are respected_

1. Models form
attention is minutely paid to precise cuts and carefully chosen elastic lycra of various density, weaving and texture.

2. Production
the process of production is carefully and precisely performed. mass production is avoided thus there are no accumulated products enabling us to continually refine each of the item individually.

Our products are not influenced by useless, fleeting trends of consumerism.

make your life more easier with
minimalistic pieces

Beautiful in it’s simplicity, designed with Love & Respect for female body.